California Shutters

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California shutters can add versatility and visual interest to almost any room with any decor. The adjustable slats of these classic window treatments can be angled in any position—to control sunlight, airflow and your view of the outside—or closed to ensure absolute privacy.

The sturdy material of these shutters offer high resistance against wind pressure and can be easily adjusted to achieve the right ventilation without compromising on privacy. They can also protect your furniture and interior fabrics against the harsh UV rays of direct sunlight as well as provide additional insulation during the colder months. All year round, California shutters will safeguard your home from the effects of extreme outside temperatures.

Your California shutters will be custom-made to accurately fit your windows. We will help you select from our wide selection of finishes, stains, textures and louvre width sizes, which will be configured to fit your unique requirements.

Roller Shades

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Roller Shades bring together light-blocking functionality and the aesthetic allure of modern fabrics, resulting in a refined, practical look for any space. Available in a variety of designs and colours, these decorative window treatments can effortlessly filter the sunlight that enters your home and bring about a warm, translucent glow. At night, roller shades will help to ensure complete privacy and can be instrumental in creating a dark, cozy room that promotes restful sleep.

Banded/Dual Shades

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Made with alternating sheer or mesh fabric and light-blocking fabric bands, banded/dual shades allow you to guide natural light and control the privacy of your space. The innovative combination offers high-quality UV protection, exquisite and versatile styles that will blend seamlessly with any decor, and a wide range of opacity levels depending on your choice of fabric and colour palette.

HoneyComb/Cellular Shades

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Honeycomb/cellular shades are designed to add both beauty and energy efficiency, providing excellent insulation along with a charming pleated look. Available in a wide assortment of plain and decorative fabric patterns and textures, these window treatments add a level of practicality that can complement all sorts of furnishings and decors. Cellular shades are also highly durable and can easily filter out harsh UV rays that would otherwise damage your upholstery, floor coverings, art, etc.

Silhouette Style Blinds

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These blinds combine a sheer, light-filtering shade and an opaque shade—both easily adjustable so you can filter natural light and keep your home free from outside distractions. Synonymous with elegance, sophistication and versatility, Silhouette Style Blinds allow you to create the perfect look by striking the right balance between light and dark. With these window coverings, you can give your entertainment room a warm, luminous glow, or create a pitch-black bedroom for a night of restful sleep.

Horizontal Wood & Faux Wood Blinds

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Their unparalleled beauty, versatility and durability make our expertly crafted wood & faux wood blinds the definitive choice for your next design project.

A wide variety of distinctive paints, stains and textures are available for you to choose from. Wood blinds are perfect for your larger windows, with their lighter weight allowing for easier opening and closing, and raising and lowering. Faux wood blinds are more resistant to cracking, fading or warping, which makes them ideal for high-moisture places such as your kitchen or bathroom. Whichever horizontal blinds you choose, you can be sure that their distinct charm will last for years to come.

Roman Shades

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Roman shades combine the elegance of window draperies with the practicality of traditional shades. Known for their stylish simplicity and ease of use, these shades can be effortlessly raised or lowered to diffuse natural light and increase the privacy of your space. Roman shades are available in a wide variety of woven fabrics and styles, each offering its own unique blend of softness, elegance and practicality.